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Prefabricated System Running Track is a roll sheet ,which is made of natural and synthetic rubbers of pressing process for synchronized shaping emboss and vulcanizing rubber.It has outstanding anti-uv, excellent ant-aging property, and wear-resistance performance. It is not only meet the IAAF (International Association Of Athletics Federations) sports surface standard requirement such as shock absorbtion, strong tensile strength, force reduction and vertical deformation etc, also it is very envitonmental protection.It is easy to installation and fast construction.
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    Unit Consumption Chart

    Product nameRubber Flooring
    Roll Width* Length1.0m~1.25m * 10m~30m
    SurfaceTrack Embossing
    ColorsRed, Blue , Grey , Yellow,  Green
    ApplicationInternational Stadiums, Trainging

    Technical Parameter

     ItemTechnical parameters
    Harmful Substance Releasing (mg/m².h)TVOC≤5.0
    Oxymethylene ≤0.10
    Benzene Non-detected
    Toluene, Xylene and ethylbenzene ≤1.0
    Harmful Substance LimitBenzene    (g/kg)Non-detected
    Toluene and Xylene  (g/kg)≤0.05
    TDI (mg/kg)Non-detected  
    Pb (mg/kg)≤30
    Cd (mg/kg)≤10
    Cr (mg/kg)≤10
    Hg (mg/kg)≤2
    Physical indexShock Absoption35-50
    Vertical deformation (mm)0.6-2.5
    Skid resistance value, BPN 20℃≥47
    Tensile strength (Mpa)≥0.5
    Elongation at break %≥90
    Fire resistance1

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