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Silicon PU aims to offer players a superior and safe sports field.Silicone PU is a new generation of sport surfaces material, efficiently slove problems which PU can not fullfill. Compare to PU, silicone PU have a longer lifetime, easy to maintenance. It is a two-component liquid material that makes the construction process easier and shorter time when compared with the traditional PU (polyurethane) material.
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    Unit Consumption Chart

    ItemDosage (kg/m2)Remark
    Primer0.2Treat subbase
    PU Self-leveling Coating6Cushion layer: 5 mm thickness
    Drier0.05Add to No.2
    PU Top Coating for Court0.3Top layer
    Line Painting0.01/

    Technical Parameter

    ItemTechnical parameters
    Shock Absorptiong %20~50
    Vertical Deformation mm0.6~3.0
    Skid Resistance Value in Dry Test (BPN,20℃)80~110
    Tensile Strength  (Mpa)≥0.5
    Elongation at break, %≥40
    Fire Resistance
    TVOC   mg/m².h≤5.0
    Oxymethylene        mg/m².h≤0.4
    Benzene       mg/m².h≤0.1
    Toluene, Xylene and ethylbenzene  mg/m².h≤1.0
    Carbon Disulfide      mg/m².h≤7.0
    18 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons mg/kg≤20
    Benzo [a] pyrene mg/kg≤1.0
    Short-chain Chlorinated Paraffin  g/kg ≤1.5

    MOCA  g/kg


    TDI,HDI g/kg

    MDI  g/kg≤1.0
    Pb (mg/kg)≤50
    Cd (mg/kg)≤10
    Cr (mg/kg)≤10
    Hg (mg/kg)≤2

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