Guangzhou Disen Full PU system running track was settled in Anhui Shucheng Sports Center!

Guangzhou Disen Full PU system running track was settled in Anhui Shucheng Sports Center!

The complete public sports stadium and facilities not only shows a city's comprehensive strength and sports development level, but also is the important carrier to enhance the well-being of the people and serve the people's livelihood.

Shucheng Sports Center in Anhui Province has held the county national fitness sports such as long-distance running, cycling and other competitions.

In the drone lens, Shucheng Sports Center has a panoramic view, the green lawn is surrounded by a dark red running track, and the seats in the stadium are brightly colored and magnificent.

Shucheng Sports Center is located in Shucheng Municipal Culture New Area, the total land area is of 480 acres, it built a 20,000-seat stadium, 3500-seat stadium, 47,000 m² National Fitness Activity Center, 845,000 m² outdoor park etc.,it  is the largest comprehensive stadium at the county level in Anhui Province.


This project of the inside stadium is about 11500m² and the outside is about 5000m², the Jogging track is about 3100m².They have selected Disen Full PU system products with anti-slip wear, cushioning shock absorption, which provided both materials and technical support.

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