Lingcang Senior Technician School

Lingcang Senior Technician School

At the end of December 2020, the new sports field of Lingcang Senior Technician School in Yunnan Province was officially completed and put into use.

Lingcang Senior Technician School's new sports field includes a running track and basketball courts. And running track covers an area of about 7500 ㎡, and a silicon PU stadium covers an area of about 5300 ㎡. The stadium project is fully supported by both raw materials and technical instruction from Guangzhou Disen Sport.

Lingcang Senior Technician School's new sports field is adopted by Guangzhou Disen. A wellness Full PU Running Track has been finished. Even in rainy season or high temperature ,it can still  maintain high quality, and can be used immediately after rain.

The running track’s performance is superior,with the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-ultraviolet , moderate elasticity, shock absorption, resilience, nail resistance.It is also without any heavy metals and organic volatile solvents, fully meet the new national standard GB 36246-2018 environmental protection requirements.

The silicon PU stadium of Guangzhou Disen has a variety of colors such as red, blue, green and other rich visual effects. And it is not easy aging and to fade, with excellent color preservation performance, It can maintain bright colors even after a long time.

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